Press Releases

Hampton Roads Green Party Condemns Chesapeake School Board Calls for Local School Districts to Pass Trans Model Policy

The Hampton Roads Green Party (HRGP) condemns the refusal of the Chesapeake School Board to implement a policy that would protect trans students in Chesapeake Schools. Students need to know that they are in a safe learning environment where they can focus on their schoolwork without the worries of being humiliated or discriminated against. The HRGP hopes that the Chesapeake […]

Statement on Shooting at Virginia Beach

The Hampton Roads Green Party stands in solidarity with the loved ones and surviving victims of yet another horrendous mass shooting, this time striking home at the Virginia Beach Municipal Center on Friday, May 31, 2019 which comes on the heels of the mass shooting in the Holly Cove neighborhood in Chesapeake on May 25. We grieve along with our […]

The Green Party Stands Against Gun Violence In Solidarity With The Chesapeake Community Of Holly Cove

On Saturday, May 25th, around 10pm, gunshots were reported being fired at the Holly Cove neighborhood in Western Branch, Chesapeake. Reportedly, ten victims were shot and injured, one of whom has been reported dead. The Hampton Roads Green Party would like to extend our deepest sorrows to the victims and their families, hope that no more lives are lost due […]