Our Committees

Executive Board

The Executive Board shall consist of the elected officers, plus the Standing Committee Chairs, as well as any state or nationally elected members who would serve in an At Large non-voting advisory role.

Standing committees


The Education/Membership Committee maintains membership rolls and actively pursues growth in the ranks of Party membership and organizes external and internal education events.


The Media/Web Committee is responsible for the production and distribution of media and ensuring a constant, quality web-presence.


The Fundraising/Legal Committee is responsible for raising funds for Party activities, including the planning and implementation of fundraising events, campaigns and pursuit of individual contributors. In conjunction with the Treasurer, ensures Party compliance with local, state and federal laws.

Government Watchdog

The Government Watchdog Committee monitors local government activities. Attends public hearings and workshops as needed. Proposes alliances, cooperative agreements and actions to the General Membership for approval.