Article XII


A. The Party shall strive to run Green Party members for public office.

B. In the event no Green Party candidate is available the Party may, by consensus or 2/3 vote of the voting members, confer one-time Preferred Candidate status if:

  1. The candidate is an independent or;
  2. The candidate is not running in a corporate-funded party.
  3. The candidate generally supports the Party’s platform positions.
  4. The candidate understands that to receive further support in future elections, the candidate must join and run as a Green and be endorsed by the procedures listed in Article XII, Section D.

C. Any candidate for public office who runs on the ballot of the Hampton Roads Green Party or as a Preferred Candidate must agree to:

  1. Promote the Ten Key Values and the platform of the Party.
  2. Be legally responsible for all financial obligations incurred by the candidate’s electoral campaign.
  3. Be legally responsible for compliance with all requirements of law for reporting campaign income and expenditures.
  4. Refuse any contribution from corporations (including non-profit and not-for-profit), lobbyists, unions, banks, or Political Action Committees (PACs) that are not affiliated with a Green Party of Green campaign. Contributions from individuals who own or operate businesses or corporations are allowed. Pledge to run a small donor, grassroots campaign by not accepting financial or in-kind contributions more than $500 from any individual.

D. The issue of candidate selection and endorsements will be decided upon by the General Membership, on a case by case basis following the process established in Article VII, Section G, Clause 2 governing Policy/Proposal/Amendment Motions.