Article V


A. Composition: The Executive Board shall consist of the elected officers, plus the Standing Committee Chairs (see Article VI), as well as any state or nationally elected members who would serve in an At Large non-voting advisory role.

B. Powers and duties of the Executive Board

  1. Serves the will of the membership, with all major decisions subject to the approval of the voting membership.
  2. Generates an agenda for any official meeting of the General Membership.
  3. Acts as the primary investigative and judicial body that makes final recommendations to the General Membership.
  4. Serves as a liaison to local, regional, and national public interest groups.
  5. Serves as the final legal board and mediates all internal legal proceedings.
  6. Calls, with proper notice, General Membership meetings, when required by these bylaws or when deemed necessary by any of the Board members.
  7. Makes/receives recommendations to/from the membership for the amendment of the Bylaws.
  8. Appoints temporary or ad hoc committees.
  9. Coordinates the work of the various committees and other working groups so as to assure the goals are mutually supportive.
  10. All Executive Board members must report their activities at each Executive Board meeting.
  11. Makes recommendations for approval by the General Membership for the appointment of additional spokespersons for the Party, with the explicit understanding of those appointed to use this charge with great responsibility and sensitivity to the consensus of the Party, and for explicitly defined time limits or purpose.
  12. Appoints the apportioned GPVA Delegates to serve as liaison with, and voting representatives to, the GPVA State Party, subject to the approval of the voting membership. The appointed GPVA Delegates must be, or meet the qualifications to become voting members of both the Party and the GPVA.
  13. Regularly set a Party budget for planning purposes.
  14. Establish a recommended, but voluntary donation amount for those interested in monetarily supporting the Party.