Article II


A. The purpose of the Party is to focus public awareness on the Ten Key Values acknowledged by the global green community, and to seek ways to apply these values to the benefit of our community. We are committed to social action as well as electoral politics and reform. We shall also serve as a center for networking with other local groups and provide a basis of support for issues in line with the Ten Key Values.

B. For purposes of identification and interpretation the Ten Key Values are described as follows:

  1. GRASSROOTS DEMOCRACY For democracy to work, governments must be accountable to the citizens who elect them, rather than corporate entities and business interests. Government should be by the people and truly for the people. The Green Party works to increase public participation at every level of government.
  2. SOCIAL JUSTICE AND EQUAL OPPORTUNITY Greens oppose the current condition of poverty and injustice, and are working to end oppression, including but not limited to that based on class, sex, race, citizenship, age, physical disability, sexual orientation or gender identity.
  3. ECOLOGICAL WISDOM The Green Party advocates maintaining an ecological balance and living within the natural resource limits of our communities and our planet. We all have a right to clean air, water, and food.
  4. NON-VIOLENCE We must develop effective alternatives to existing patterns of violence between individuals, groups, and nations around the world. The Green Party promotes a value system in which our current culture of violence is unacceptable. This includes seriously reducing cold war military budgets and the elimination of global nuclear weapons stockpiles.
  5. DECENTRALIZATION. Decentralization pertaining to wealth and power are the focus of this particular value. Power and responsibility must be restored to local communities, within an overall framework of ecologically sound, socially just values and ways of living.
  6. COMMUNITY-BASED ECONOMICS AND ECONOMIC JUSTICE We believe a living wage, not a minimum wage, is essential for establishing true economic justice. We support local, independently owned and operated businesses, demand responsible corporate citizenship, and are opposed to corporate welfare and privatization of community resources.
  7. GENDER EQUITY Women should receive equal pay for equal work. Proportional representation in our boardrooms and government would create a more balanced and equitable society.
  8. RESPECT FOR DIVERSITY We must honor cultural, ethnic, racial, sexual, religious and spiritual diversity within the context of individual responsibility to all. We must reclaim America’s finest shared ideals of liberty and justice for all.
  9. PERSONAL AND GLOBAL RESPONSIBILITY. The Green Party urges individuals to better understand our interdependence with local and global ecosystems. Our very existence depends on a clean and healthy environment. Individuals, governments, and corporations are responsible for making choices that will protect our planet.
  10. FUTURE FOCUS We must all consider the long-range impact of personal choices and public policy on generations to come. Our society must shift away from the sole pursuit of short-term economic gain towards a more holistic, long-term vision of quality of life.