8-9-20 Minutes

Hampton Roads Green Party Agenda 8/9/20

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Meeting Start: (2:02pm)

Meeting Attendance: Steffanie Aubuchon, Blaizen Bloom, Kyle Rockett, Tina Rockett

1) Procedural 

  1. Establish Quorum

Quorum of voting members established

  1. Assign Facilitator

Tina Rockett volunteered

  1. Assign Notetaker

Blaizen Bloom volunteered

  1. Take Attendance/Introductions
  2. Approval of Minutes

Minutes Approved

2) Officer/Committee Reports  

  1. Co-Chairs – Tina Rockett (acting)
  2. Secretary


  1. Treasurer Report – Steffanie Aubuchon


  1. Gov’t Watchdog Committee
  2. Media 
  3. IT – Blaizen Bloom Chair – Website Hosting

Not much work, Custom Green Paypal Donation Button

  1. Education and Membership – Tina Rockett Chair –GPVA Brochure/postcard opportunity: HRGP Logo redesign interest – Blaizen (new postcards needed soon)

Blaizen sidetracked on HRGP Logo redesign, new postcards needed.

1) Youth Outreach – Chair: Blaizen

m)  GPVA Update – Tina Co-Chair – GPVA POTUS Ballot Access actions/lawsuit – 25 signature challenge: 8/8/20 GPVA business meeting updates 

Dues bylaws amendment ratified, Kiesah Preston officially endorsed, Endorsed GPUS Women’s Caucus Ethics Proposal.

                  1) Blaizen – GPVA Press Secretary (elected 8/8/20)

Discussion of a future press release for the State Party about the DNC’s rejection of M4A, and appeal to Bernie Democrats to vote Howie Hawkins for M4A and Jobs. Press Release for Labor Day September 7th, about Green Party’s long support for workers rights.

n)  GPUS National Delegate/Media Committee Update – Tina (reelected Jan. 18, 2020)

Women’s Caucus introduced Ethics Proposal; GPVA voted to ratify the Ethics Proposal at their 8/8/20 Business Meeting.

3) HRGP/GPVA Candidate Updates – GPVA Independent candidate Kiesha Preston for Roanoke City Council https://www.votekieshapreston.com/ 

Dianne Blais suspended her campaign for House of Representatives, possible Write-In Campaign.

4) Previous Month Events/Endorsements/Sponsorships – Ballot signature gathering at Tea Party sponsored Virginia Beach School Board Candidate Forum (Tina and Kyle)

Tina and Kyle gathered socially distanced signatures, gathered 5 signatures.

5) Upcoming Events

6) Future Event Suggestions:

a) Virtual meet and greets (previously proposed by Blaizen)

Possibly meet the week before or after a general business meeting

b) Socially distanced GLB? “Exercising” Freedom of Speech, Right To Assembly:#GeorgeFloyd #BlackLivesMatter #GlobalCeasefire #NoCOVIDSanctions

c) GLB request from HR MASK – tbd – #HRMASK #LongLiveShaq (10-20 brigadiers)

d)  MTA Resolution –  Blaizen (Chesapeake); Tina and Kyle (Norfolk); Other volunteers?

e) Puerto Rico video presentation: Colonization is Extinction – invite VACOLAO/HRCPP Others?

7) General Discussions

Virginia has to count write-in ballots for candidates. Hawkins on 31 state ballots with 5 write-in states

8) Peace/Anti-war Coalition – Hampton Roads Coalition for Peace and Planet

Possibility of a future virtual meeting, Tina is the admin for the Facebook page for the HRCPP.

9) Next Monthly Meeting: Sunday, September 6 @ 2-4pm (location TBD)

Meeting End: (2:42pm)