8-15-21 Minutes

Hampton Roads Green Party Minutes 8/15/21, 2-4pm

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Meeting ID: 840 9618 6965 Passcode: 290324

  1. Procedural
    1. Establish Quorum

Quorum established

  1. Establish Proper Notice for the Agenda was Provided

Proper notice was established

  1. Assign Facilitator

Blaizen Bloom was assigned

  1. Assign Notetaker

Blaizen Bloom was assigned

  1. Take Attendance/Introductions

Steffanie Aubuchon, Blaizen Bloom, Garry Hubbard, Tina Rockett

  1. Summary and Approval of Last Meeting’s Minutes – May 2nd

Minutes approved

  1. Unfinished Business
  2. Officer/Committee Reports
    1. Co-Chairs – Blaizen Bloom (Delegate Pro Tempore)
    2. Secretary (open)
    3. Treasurer Report – Steffanie Aubuchon

$250 registration fee for HR Pride with $185.09 left in the bank account. Quarterly reports for the second quarter have been filed timely.

  1. IT – Blaizen Bloom

Working on revamping the website, specifically vitalizing the ‘News’ section.

  1. Education/Membership – (open) – HRGP Brochure/Postcard and Logo redesign interest
    1. Youth Outreach – (open)
  2. Media/Web (open)
  3. Fundraising/Legal (open)
  4. Government Watchdog (open)
  5. GPVA Update – Blaizen – GPVA Non-Male Co-Chair

Blaizen is looking for a speaker from Fairvote to talk on Ranked Choice Voting for the State meeting. Ryan stepped down as Co-Chair from the State Party. Davion Washington was nominated for Press-Secretary by Sid Smith. There is an upcoming press release on the Del-Mar Fracked gas pipeline. The proposed statement on the GPGA failed to receive enough votes, as a result the GPVA’s National Delegates divided their votes (1 for and 1 against) to represent the will of the GPVA’s membership. The HRGP bylaws amendment on working with non-Green parties and candidates has been introduced with the State agenda.

  1. GPUS Update
    1. National Delegate Update – Tina
    2. Media Committee Update – Tina
    3. Animal Rights Committee Update – Blaizen/Kyle

There are currently three packages of proposed amendments for the National Platform including the ones already introduced by Blaizen, the amendment package to ban ropeless fishing gear and trawling, and a new amendment to replace Regenerative Agriculture with Sustainable agriculture.

  1. Cochair Special Election – (First Notice)
    1. Establishment of ad hoc Elections Oversight Committee

The committee was established. Steffanie Aubuchon, Kyle Rockett, and Tina Rockett will serve as members of the committee.

  1. Declaration of Candidacy

Blaizen Bloom has declared their candidacy for Co-Chair.

  1. Election will be held at October Meeting
  2. HRGP/GPVA Candidate Updates
    1. Garry Hubbard, Green Candidate for CD-02

Garry has been working on some campaign points, which consist of: stopping federal permits for fossil fuel drilling, maintaining a ban on offshore oil drilling, doing more to protect the environment, getting to net zero as soon as possible, actually working for the people (not campaign 24/7), passing Medicare for All, implementing a Universal Basic Minimum, raising the Minimum (Living) Wage to higher than $15 (People who work for a living should be able to live and businesses shouldn’t have to provide Healthcare). Blaizen offered help with finding volunteers and media presence. Potential HRGP social media post to ask our followers about what they expect in their Congressional representatives.

  1. Blaizen Bloom, Green Candidate Chesapeake School Board

So far, Blaizen has a Facebook page with some graphics. Blaizen has also been working on some campaign points, including: implementing a Universal Mask mandate, upgrading School HVAC (completed at earliest 2023), a Covid-19 testing program, requiring school staff by vaccinated or have regular testing (less of a campaign focus), implementing LGBTQIA+ Rights and protections for students, passing Collective Bargaining, giving Students representation at the School Board, funding for fine arts in schools, hiring mental health professionals such as school psychologists and social workers, and establishing a Career/Job/Life Center in High Schools to help students not going to college get prepared to enter the workforce and find jobs and internships with good pay and benefits.

  1. Past Month Events/Endorsements/Sponsorships
    1. Petition for Palestinian Rights – May 26th

The petition has been distributed to Virginia’s Congressional Delegation.

  1. GND Economic Stimulus Letter – July 18th

The Ecosocial Committee put on this petition in combination with a social media effort to push Congress and Biden to act for a strong Green New Deal.

  1. Petition for School Funding in Infrastructure Bill – July 20th

The petition was organized by Student-Lead Organizations in support of including funding in Congress’ Infrastructure Bill to bolster existing school infrastructure.

  1. Tidewater Workers Assembly Meeting #2 – August 1st

The Tidewater Workers Assembly is working on efforts by workers to obtain collective bargaining for Virginia Beach employees. Blaizen Bloom and Tina Rockett were present at the meeting.

  1. Resisting Israel’s Attacks on Palestine Webinar – August 4th

The GPVA and HRGP had co-sponsored this event, which featured speakers who have visited Palestine and shared their personal experiences with the poor treatment of Palestinians by the Israel government.

  1. Rally to Support Trans Students in CPS – August 9th

Approximately 75-100 people showed up to the rally with virtually all local media outlets being present and even interviewing Blaizen. The School Board didn’t vote on the Trans policy but proposed an alternative.

  1. Upcoming Events/Future Event Suggestions:
    1. Tidewater Workers Assembly Meeting #3 – August 15th
      1. (Added to the agenda during the meeting) Will be happening a few hours after the meeting ends, and will be a continuation of the previously mentioned Tidewater Workers Assembly Meeting.
    2. Rally for Climate Action at Lakewood Park in Norfolk – August 21st
      1. Free Tabling Opportunity

The HRGP will be tabling at this event for no cost. We will be meeting at 9:30am at Shelter #3 at Lakewood park to set up our table. The event is scheduled to start at 10:00am.

  1. CPS Rally to Support Our Kids? – August 23rd

Blaizen Bloom is organizing this event which will be focused on gathering speakers versus having a rally in front of the building.

  1. Get To Know Your Local Greens – August 31st?
    1. What is Ranked Choice Voting

Host as a GTKYLG to provide info about Ranked Choice Voting. Potentially invite a speaker from Fairvote Virginia to share about efforts across the state to implement RCV and tricks that could be used in Hampton Roads

  1. Invite VNDER to Present

Host as a GTKYLG to talk to Victoria Ronnau about endorsing VNDER.

  1. Green Party of Virginia Meeting – September 4th

The meeting agenda has been shared on the GPVA’s website. The meeting will start at 9:00am and will go onto 4:00pm.

  1. At Rockfish Valley Community Center in Afton, VA
  2. End The War Protest – September 11th

Since the Libertarian and Green parties share a few views including ending endless war and demilitarization, Blaizen Bloom proposed reaching out to co-sponsor the event. Blaizen also believes this could be the beginning for founding a concrete relationship with the Hampton Roads Libertarian Party for potential future cooperation. Tina Rockett raised concerns because of the way the Libertarian Party of Virginia was very unresponsive and betrayed the Green Party of Virginia during the 2020 Election ballot petition lawsuit.

  1. Hosted by LPHR, do we want to reach out to cosponsor?
  2. Hampton Roads Pride – September 12th

Been about 4-5 business day, takes 5-7 business days, add tabling info

  1. Blaizen Bloom submitted the application for tabling, but is still waiting to hear a response back from HR Pride.
  2. October Strike? – October 15th

Blaizen Bloom proposed organizing an event on the same day in downtown Norfolk to support strong workers rights and is open to it being completely separate or attached to the original event.

  1. Socially distanced GLB – Ideas?
    1. GLB request from HR MASK – tbd – #HRMASK #LongLiveShaq (10-20 brigadiers)

Blaizen Bloom is hopeful that the HRGP will be able to organize this event within the near future.

  1. GLB at VB City Council Supporting Local Unionizing
  1. Bylaws Amendments – Blaizen (First Reading)
    1. Amend III.D to give the Executive Board the power to establish a recommended donation amount.
    2. Amend IV.I.5 to establish rules for when the number of voting members doesn’t allow for the minimum membership of the Elections Oversight Committee.
    3. Amend V.B.12 to require that the general membership must confirm Executive Board appointments for GPVA Delegate
    4. Add V.B.14 to give the Executive Board the power to establish a recommended donation amount.
    5. Amend VII.E.2 to change the requirement for Executive Board meetings from monthly to as needed.
    6. Amend VII.F.3 to require consensus of the Executive Board to ratify agendas and require the agenda be made available to the general public.
  2. General Discussions
    1. Contact Virginia Network for Democracy and Environmental Rights About Endorsement
    2. Mayors for a Guaranteed Income – Get Local Mayors to Sign On
    3. Effort to get local Cities to adopt Ranked Choice Voting
    4. Push for local Cities to adopt resolutions supporting MTA; call for overturning Citizens United
    5. Additional Discussion?

The proposed logo redesign was brought up. All members present agreed to adopt it, although the members not present shall be polled on their thoughts on adopting the new logo.

  1. Peace/Anti-war Coalition – Hampton Roads Coalition for Peace and Planet

Tina Rockett is still managing the Facebook page. Blaizen Bloom is hopeful the coalition will be restarted soon.

  1. Next Monthly Meeting: Sunday September (5, 12, 19, or 26th) @ 2-4pm where?

September 12th is unavailable as HR Pride will be taking place at that time. Those in attendance are leaning towards September 5th and Zoom is planned to be utilized. The unpresent members will be polled before scheduling the meeting.


Amend III.D to state:

“D. Membership Contributions – It is recognized that all organizations need to develop sources of income in order to meet overhead costs (including mailings, newsletters, phone and space rental) and to support approved projects. Therefore, the Party urges all members to consider making a regular voluntary membership contribution within their means, in which a recommended amount may be established by the Board. However, the Party does not want to discourage the participation of those who are unable to make a financial contribution, and will in no way discriminate against those that are not financially able.”

Amend IV.I.5 to state:

“5. Prior to nominating Officers, an Elections Oversight Committee shall be appointed by the voting membership to include a minimum of three (3) voting members, not running for positions, and operate on a consensus basis. In cases where there are not enough eligible members to join the Elections Oversight Committee, then the Party shall strive to get as close to the minimum membership as possible. The Committee shall have the following responsibilities:”

Amend V.B.12 to state:

“12. Appoints the apportioned GPVA Delegates to serve as liaison with, and voting representatives to, the GPVA State Party, subject to the approval of the voting membership. The appointed GPVA Delegates must be, or meet the qualifications to become voting members of both the Party and the GPVA.”

Add V.B.14 to state:

14. Establish a recommended, but voluntary donation amount for those interested in monetarily supporting the Party.

Amend VII.E.2 to state:

“2. The Executive Board shall meet no less than monthly when needed, as determined by the members of the Board.”

Amend VII.F.3 to state:

“3. Agenda for general meetings shall:

  • Consist of items requested to be placed upon it by any individual voting member.
  • Be considered a draft, tentative, or proposed agenda until confirmed by consensus approval of the voting membership Board not less than 96 hours before the meeting.
  • Once approved, be made available to the voting membership not less than 72 hours before the meeting and to the general public electronically and by public posting no less than 72 48 hours before the meeting.”