7-9-20 Minutes

Hampton Roads Green Party Minutes 7/9/20

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Meeting Start: (7:00pm)

Meeting Attendance: Steffanie Aubuchon, Blaizen Bloom, Charlotte Jobe, Kyle Rockett, Tina Rockett

  1. Procedural
    1. Establish Quorum
      • Quorum of voting members established
    2. Assign Facilitator
      • Tina Rockett volunteered
    3. Assign Notetaker
      • Blaizen Bloom volunteered
    4. Take Attendance/Introductions
  2. Officer/Committee Reports
    1. Co-Chairs – Tina Rockett (acting)
    2. Treasurer – Steffanie Aubuchon
      • $436.76 Bank Balance. Reports have been filed for the quarter.
    3. Secretary – vacant
    4. IT Admin – Blaizen Bloom
      • Focused on website
    5. Media/Web
    6. Fundraising/Legal
    7. Gov’t Watchdog
    8. Education/Membership – Chair Tina Rockett
  3. State/National Updates
    1. GPVA Update – Tina Rockett
      • Bylaws Amendment
        • Currently being voted on by the State. 18+ requirement amendment added. Locals may receive reimbursement for up to 50% of dues to the State amendment added. Locally developed membership packet + dues sliding scale recommendation. Voting period ends at 11:59pm on Friday.
      • Ballot Access Lawsuit Update
        • Rejected previous court offerings. The Constitution Party knocked off the lawsuit because they would refuse any settlement that required signature gathering. Court cases may be dismissed, but could be reopened if COVID-19 prevents ballot access. Uncertainty regarding legalease. Trial set for Monday, July 13th. Virginia Constitution protects write-in ballots, if we fail to get on the ballot we can run a write-in campaign. If Virginia fails to count the write-in votes, we can sue the State.
      • 8/8/20 General Meeting
        • Will be over Free Conference Call. Election for State Press-Secretary, Blaizen Bloom will be candidate, will be able to give a statement and answer questions before vote. The Howie Hawkins Campaign could help GPVA gather ballot petition signatures to get on the ballot in Virginia. Discussion on Agenda addition to discuss local attempts to gather petition signatures. Legal petition paperwork being sent out to individuals to gather signatures for president.
    2. GPUS/PNC Update
      • National Delegate/Media Committee Update – Tina Rockett
        • Focused on developing temporary infrastructure for the ANM Committee.
      • PNC Discussion
        • Convention may be contested by nominees to force nominating to go into the second round. As a result of certain states leaving off most other candidates (North Carolina only putting Howie on the ballot). Process will need to be improved leading into 2024. Reparations session delayed to Friday. Comedian Ron Placone fundraiser for GP on Friday night. Presidential Nominating Convention starting noon on Saturday. All information available for the PNC on GP.org. Blaizen Bloom session about local party building and tools they can use, such as Fresh Desk and CallHub.
  4. HRGP Website Discussion
    1. Website draft coming along. Still placeholder text. Blaizen Bloom will send information to Tina Rockett so she can view the drafted website.
  5. Upcoming/Future Events
    1. Possible GLB Events
      • Start preparing for a socially distanced GLB and discuss at the next meeting.
      • Black Lives Matter (#GeorgeFloyd #BlackLivesMatter)
      • No More War (#GlobalCeasefire #NoCOVIDSanction)
      • HR Mask (#HRMASK #LongLiveShaq)
    2. Virtual Showing Colonization is Extinction w/VACOLAO/HRCPP?
      • Haven’t figured out how to stream online. Will start working on after court case chaos.
    3. BLM VB City Hall Protest/March (July 14th, 4:30-7:30pm)
      • Hosted by a person who organized a town center protest, Damien Stennett. BLM757 may join in with march. 2.5 mile each way to VB City Hall. Shared by HR Mask. Could have two groups, one on either end of protest to cut down on walking time.
    4. Ballot Petition Signature Gathering
      • Try to gather petitions at restaurants, outside libraries, and at parks. Socially distanced with disposable pens and hand sanitizer. Set up a table at location.
  6. General Discussion
    1. MVP/ACP Update/Victory!!!
      • Corporatists admit defeat of fossil fuels over the end of ACP. Will probably regroup around renewable energy and privatize the renewable energy industry. MVP still continuing. #HIPCheck still continuing
    2. Social Happy Hour Idea?
      • Brainstorm over the next couple days/weeks. Have a non-HR specific Happy Hour for Greens to socialize and talk. May try to recruit candidates to run for local and state office.
    3. Fundraising Ideas?
      • Have a Roundup. Paypal needs to be set up. Dues proposal could raise funds.
  7. Next Monthly Meeting – Sunday, August 2nd (2-4pm) via FreeConferenceCall

Meeting End: (8:15pm)