5-2-21 Minutes

Hampton Roads Green Party Agenda 5/2/21, 2-4pm

Join the online meeting: https://zoom.us/j/91716162856?pwd=RjNHclVQTlpnREpLODBOVExyS1lEZz09

Meeting ID: 917 1616 2856 Passcode: B0Q6TR

  1. Procedural 
    1. Establish Quorum

Quorum established

  1. Assign Facilitator

Kyle Rockett

  1. Assign Notetaker

Blaizen Bloom

  1. Take Attendance/Introductions

Steffanie Aubuchon, Blaizen Bloom, Kyle Rockett, Tina Rockett

  1. Approve Minutes of Last Meeting – April 4


  1. Officer/Committee Reports
    1. Co-Chairs – (open)
    2. Treasurer Report – Steffanie Aubuchon

$435.09 includes Dreamhost payment for domains

  1. IT – Blaizen Bloom – Website Hosting
  2. Education and Membership – (open) – HRGP Brochure/Postcard and Logo redesign interest
    1. Youth Outreach – (open)
  3. Secretary (open)
  4. Gov’t Watchdog Committee (open)
  5. Media (open)
  6. GPVA Update – Blaizen – GPVA Non-Male Cochair

Search for a new Press-Secretary to replace Blaizen, possibly stepping down soon with hopes of someone stepping up. Candidate Agreement Passed by LC. Upcoming GPVA meeting likely on July 10th at James River State Park.

  1. Replacing Kyle with Tina as HRGP Local Rep

Tina will replace Kyle as local Rep.

  1. GPUS Update
    1. National Delegate Update – Tina

Passed resolution to appoint members from GPUS to FVPA including GPVA’s own Dianne Blaise. Passed resolution to amend Rules and Order. The Georgia Green Party proposed a resolution to clarify certain rules. Problems with List-Serve moderator elections and manipulation with rules and protocol. Possible proposal in future to clarify the rules and protocols for list-serve elections.

  1. Media Committee Update – Tina

Two new Cochairs: Felina Farley and Dianna Brown. New effort of #GreenTwitter for discussions over Twitter.

  1. Animal Rights Committee Update – Blaizen/Kyle

11 Potential Platform Proposals by Blaizen. Another platform proposal for oceans to ban ropeless fishing gear and fish farms.

  1. HRGP/GPVA Candidate Updates
    1. Garry Hubbard potential Green Candidate for CD-2
  2. Past Month Events/Endorsements/Sponsorships
    1. VB City Workers Union (UE) Community Support Meeting – April 8th
    2. Notice of Scoping Petition for MVP – April 14th

Signed on as “Hampton Roads Green Party”.

  1. Norfolk “Trash Fishing” Community Cleanup – April 17th

Steffanie and Blaizen attended.

  1. “Get To Know Your Local Greens” – Student Loan Justice with Alan Collinge – April 27th

Recording shared by Alan Collinge and on Student Loan Justice FB Group. Over 50+ responses to FB events.

  1. GPVA Meeting with Margaret Elizabeth – April 30th
  2. Upcoming Events/Future Event Suggestions:
    1. #JusticeForXzavier Protests – May 15th and every other Saturday
    2. Envisioning a Greener New Deal – May 5th

Ryan will be speaking for a few minutes on behalf of the GPVA. The event will be a great way to advertise the GPVA. Many co sponsoring organizations are Green Parties and Black-Led Groups

  1. Get To Know Your Local Greens – May 25th?

Potentially invite caucuses to come speak?

  1. Socially distanced GLB – Ideas?

Potential GLB #CancelStudentDebt

  1. GLB request from HR MASK – tbd – #HRMASK #LongLiveShaq (10-20 brigadiers)

Make signs and use them with HR MASK for the first event, then give it to them to keep for future events.

  1. GLB at VB City Council Supporting Local Unionizing
  2. General Discussions
    1. HRGP YouTube Page?

Offer availability to share to Twitter and Instagram as well as Facebook when there’s trouble with uploading videos. Maybe using Odysee as an alternative to YouTube.

  1. NRV Greens endorsing a Democrat and RVA Greens sharing Libertarian Party Meetings.

Scott Burger shared the upcoming Libertarian Party RVA Chapter Meeting and encouraged Richmond Greens to go there instead. Perhaps GPVA condemns RVA GP Facebook Group encouraging members to join the Libertarian’s. NRV Greens endorsed a Democrat for House of Delegates, which is cause for disaffiliation if they fail to retract the endorsement. Blaizen will talk to Ryan about retracting the NRV Greens endorsement of a Democrat.

  1. Contact Virginia Network for Democracy and Environmental Rights About Endorsement
  2. Mayors for a Guaranteed Income – Get Local Mayors to Sign On
  3. Effort to get local Cities to adopt Ranked Choice Voting
  4. Push for local Cities to adopt resolutions supporting MTA; call for overturning Citizens United
  5. Additional Discussion?

HR Pridefest on Saturday, September 11th at the Scope Arena Plaza. Hampton Roads VegFest might happen this year. Potential to table for GPVA at Richmond Pride and VegFest?

  1. Peace/Anti-war Coalition – Hampton Roads Coalition for Peace and Planet

CVA (Concerned Veterans of America) falls in line on issues of opposing Middle Eastern Wars for Oil, although Koch funded. Wants to invite Green Party or HRCPP speakers, possible recruitment away towards CVA and Libertarians. Garret has been tasked with communicating with the CVA person, but has yet to talk to them.

  1. Next Monthly Meeting: Sunday June (6, 13, 20, or 27th) @ 2-4pm (via Zoom)

No June meeting, tentative date of July 11th for July monthly meeting