4-4-21 Minutes

Hampton Roads Green Party Agenda 4/4/21, 2-4pm
Join the online meeting: https://zoom.us/j/8394728746?pwd=UkJDSVZONVpVUjI5Wit5cVQ2aURSZz09
Meeting ID: 945 1698 7651 Passcode: 8B368XProcedural 

  1. Procedural
    a. Establish Quorum
    Quorum Established
    b. Assign Facilitator
    Tina Rockett
    c. Assign Notetaker
    Blaizen Bloom
    d. Take Attendance/Introductions
    Steffanie Aubuchon, Blaizen Bloom, Garry Hubbard, Kyle Rockett, Tina Rockett, Jonah Thomas
    e. Approve Minutes of Last Meeting – March 7
  2. Officer/Committee Reports
    a. Co-Chairs – (open)
    b. Treasurer Report – Steffanie Aubuchon
    $451.08 in account; quarterly reports have been filed
    c. IT – Blaizen Bloom – Website Hosting
    d. Education and Membership – (open) – HRGP Brochure/Postcard and Logo redesign interest
    i. Youth Outreach – (open)
    e. Secretary (open)
    f. Gov’t Watchdog Committee (open)
    g. Media (open)
    h. GPVA Update – Blaizen – GPVA Press-Secretary
    Anti-Asian Atlanta Shootings Press Release, Legalize Marijuana now Call To Action Press Release
    i. GPUS Update
    i. National Delegate Update – Tina
    Endorse GPUS to join World Beyond War by signing Peace Pledge, Vote to increase observers on Steering
    Committee, voting proposals and their votes can be found on GPUS Voting Page.
    ii. Media Committee Update – Tina
    Concentrating on Poison Pills for H.R.1 That will suppress third parties and GP by raising matching fund
    requirements, increasing fundraising caps, and increasing surveillance against those with concerns over the
    electoral system, among other issues.
    iii. Animal Rights Committee Update – Blaizen/Kyle
  3. HRGP/GPVA Candidate Updates
  4. Past Month Events/Endorsements/Sponsorships
    a. Signed onto Petition Requesting EPA classify Ethane and Methane as VOCs under Clean Air Act – March 12th
    Shannell Pitman asked for Green Parties to sign onto petition, HRGP signed on by consensus between meetings.
    b. Stop the MVP, Divest from Wells Fargo! Protest – March 13th
    Blaizen, Steffanie, Senoj showed up to the protest; WTKR news showed up near the end of the protest to cover
    our protest and message.
    c. #JusticeForXzavier Protest – March 20th
    Blaizen and Steffanie attended on the 20th. Currently, the demands by Xzavier’s family is that Mark Herring
    appoint a special counsel for the case against the VSP who killed Xzavier.
    d. The Green Party – Past and Future – March 21st
    Event with Ben Manski; Jonah’s written up a report about the event which can be found on Fairfax Green’s FB
    page and GPVA’s FB Group.
    e. “Get To Know Your Local Greens” – Local Unionizing with Charles Brown – March 30th
    Charles Brown with UE has been working with municipal VB employees; video can be found on FB.
    f. VB City Workers Union (UE) Community Support Meeting – April 1st
    Attended event, brainstorming session, including VB employees and coalition partners. Blaizen, Tina and Kyle
    were there representing the Greens.
  5. Upcoming Events/Future Event Suggestions:
    a. #JusticeForXzavier Protests – April 17th and every other Saturday
    b. Get To Know Your Local Greens – April 27th?
    i. Speaker: Alan Colling from Student Loan Justice?
    VA residents owe more in student debt than the state budget (103% of the budget). Reach out to Alan to
    speak about the outrageous student debt crisis especially in VA.
    c. Socially distanced GLB – Ideas?
    i. GLB request from HR MASK – tbd – #HRMASK #LongLiveShaq (10-20 brigadiers)
    ii. GLB at VB City Council Supporting Local Unionizing
    If Charles informs us that UE and VB workers would support a GLB
  6. General Discussions
    a. Garry Hubbard – Independent Candidate for CD2
    Navy Veteran/Local Business Owner (Construction Company); environmental rights anti-pipeline advocate;
    opposes Duopoly, systemic racism, police brutality; Supports union rights, basic gun reforms, programs to
    combat poverty, and an end to endless war; Supports a $15 minimum wage NOW, a single payer medicare-for
    all system. Ran for VB City Council Rosehall district last November 3rd. Used to be a Democrat, but has since
    become an Independent. Looking for endorsement, or at least campaign volunteers. Interested in running as a
    Green for CD2. Opposes corporate money in politics.
    b. Contact Virginia Network for Democracy and Environmental Rights About Endorsement
    Still need to contact VNDER about endorsing their group
    c. Mayors for a Guaranteed Income – Get Local Mayors to Sign On
    d. Effort to get local Cities to adopt Ranked Choice Voting
    e. Push for local Cities to adopt resolutions supporting MTA; call for overturning Citizens United
    f. Additional Discussion?
  7. Peace/Anti-war Coalition – Hampton Roads Coalition for Peace and Planet
  8. Next Monthly Meeting: Sunday May (2, 9, 16, 23 or 30th) @ 2-4pm (via Zoom)
    Next meeting will be on May 2nd.