3-7-21 Minutes

Hampton Roads Green Party Minutes 3/7/21, 2-4pm

Join the online meeting: https://zoom.us/j/94516987651?pwd=ZDcrcDRJN2FLS0lUQ2ZnQU8xdTRUQT09

Meeting ID: 945 1698 7651 Passcode: 8B368XProcedural 

1) Procedural

1. Establish Quorum

Quorum established

  1. Assign Facilitator

Tina Rockett

  1. Assign Notetaker

Blaizen Bloom

  1. Take Attendance/Introductions

Steffanie Aubuchon, Blaizen Bloom, Charles Brown, Kyle Rockett, Tina Rockett

  1. Approve Minutes of Last Meeting – February 7


2) Officer/Committee Reports

1. Co-Chairs – (open)

2. Treasurer Report – Steffanie Aubuchon

$426.08 + $25.00 pending through paypal; still figuring out RoundUp and Stripe issues for Tina.

  1. IT – Blaizen Bloom – Website Hosting

Website domains coming up for annual renewal.

  1. Education and Membership – (open) – HRGP Brochure/Postcard and Logo redesign interest
    1. Youth Outreach – (open)
  2. Secretary (open)
  3. Gov’t Watchdog Committee (open)
  4. Media (open)
  5. GPVA Update – Blaizen – GPVA Press-Secretary

Press Release against H.R.1 poison pill sections released by GPVA. Amending of national platforms coming up; possibilities for platform amendments include opposing big ag and supporting a transition to a plant-based diet as well as supporting hand counted ballots and secure chain of custody and getting rid of electronic voting machines. Idea for press release: follow up statement on the civil rights component of H.R.1 which could accuse Americans of being foreign agents? Tina Rockett stepped down as non-male co chair, Blaizen Bloom was nominated by Ryan Wesdock and accepted the nomination.

  1. GPUS Update
    1. National Delegate Update – Tina

Contract with the Daous controversy; amendment (1033) to make spending more transparent but failed, then the Dows pulled out of the contract causing 1034 to become null. 1035 for GPUS to join World Beyond World by signing onto peace pledge.

  1. Media Committee Update – Tina

The Media Committee’s been working on releasing statements and the petition in regards to H.R.1’s poison bill sections. Tina’s been pushing for publiciziation of the Student Loan Debt Cancellation Movement. Media Committee looking for memes and meme ideas for GPUS.

  1. Animal Rights Committee Update – Blaizen/Kyle

Potential trafficking of animals platform amendment; information shared about zoonotic diseases and influencing of pandemics. Blaizen and Kyle were asked to inquire about an amendment to National about supporting a transition to plant-based diets by the ARC.

  1. HRGP/GPVA Candidate Updates

Charlotte Rose is not interested in running for House of Delegates this election cycle. Blaizen Bloom is still planning on running for Chesapeake School Board (2022) and the USYG (United States Youth Government) has been reincarnated in a more legal and accountable form. Brittney Wilkins is interested in running for office, perhaps House of Delegates. Senoj Suirad in Norfolk potential future candidate. Garry Hubbard planning on running for CD-02 wants to hear about Green opinions.

  1. Past Month Events/Endorsements/Sponsorships
    1. Amazon Unionization Solidarity Rally – February 20th (Steffanie and Blaizen)

Steffanie, Blaizen and Charles attended the event. Charles was with UE Workers Union and is fighting for VA Beach City Workers organizing.

  1. “Get to Know Your Local Greens” Social Night – February 26th

Only Blaizen and Steffanie showed up, but still possibilities for future events with changes in subject to vary up events; possibility for Charles to speak about unionizing ideas.

  1. Upcoming Events/Future Event Suggestions:
    1. Endorse Stop the MVP, Divest from Wells Fargo! Protest? – March 13th

Join with other organizations (TDSA, HR Poor People’s Campaign, etc)? Saturday at 10am in Chesapeake. Consensus on endorsing.

  1. Endorse #JusticeForXzavier Protests? – March 20th and every other Saturday

Protests at MLK Monument in Norfolk at 4pm every other Saturday. More information before consensus on endorsement.

  1. Virtual Social Nights
    1. Turn into a Monthly event?
    2. Ideas to increase Interest: Game or Movie nights?

Put out social media posts asking what people would be interested in seeing for social nights.

  1. Socially distanced GLB – Ideas?

GLB for Day After Action Demonstrations? Discussions about protesting Biden’s first strike of Syria. GLB for supporting VA Beach workers Unionization Efforts in future? #StopTheMVP GLB?

  1. GLB request from HR MASK – tbd – #HRMASK #LongLiveShaq (10-20 brigadiers)
  2. General Discussions
    1. Sign onto letter to VA DEQ opposing new permits for MVP

NRV Greens have already signed, Steve Gillespie has called for GPVA to sign on. Consensus to sign on.

  1. Sign onto Petition demanding Amazon Stop Union-Busting

Consensus on signing onto the petition and comment about supporting the effort to support unionization of local Amazon Warehouses and Whole Foods in Hampton Roads.

  1. Save Rassawek (#SaveRassawek)

Potential future statement, but Consensus to sign onto petition. Future GLB in response to situations that evolve?

  1. Contact Virginia Network for Democracy and Environmental Rights About Endorsement

Victoria’s considering running for office as a Green, potential House of Delegate run. Three months to gather signatures, can be gathered electronically.

  1. Mayors for a Guaranteed Income – Get Local Mayors to Sign On
  2. Effort to get local Cities to adopt Ranked Choice Voting
  3. Push for local Cities to adopt resolutions supporting MTA; call for overturning Citizens United

Potential merging with RCV efforts?

  1. Additional Discussion?
  2. Peace/Anti-war Coalition – Hampton Roads Coalition for Peace and Planet

Tina’s still an admin and still posts occasionally to Facebook; continuing growth of Facebook page.

  1. Next Monthly Meeting: Sunday April (4,11,18, or 25) @ 2-4pm (via Zoom)

Next meeting will be on April 4th over Zoom.