2-7-21 Minutes

Hampton Roads Green Party Minutes 2/7/21, 2-4pm

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Join the online meeting: https://join.freeconferencecall.com/hrgp
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1) Procedural 

  1. Establish Quorum

Quorum established

  1. Assign Facilitator

Tina Rockett

  1. Assign Notetaker

Blaizen Bloom

  1. Take Attendance/Introductions

Steffanie Aubuchon, Blaizen Bloom, Scott Burger, Kyle Rockett, Tina Rockett

  1. Approve Minutes of Last Meeting – January 17


2) Officer/Committee Reports  

  1. Co-Chairs – Tina Rockett (acting) Submitted: proposal to become signatories on the Joint Statement: World Says No To War On Yemen; Signing on to Virginia Network for Democracy and Environmental Rights (I will contact Victoria Ronnau this coming week); Save Rassawek statement; Letters to Virginia Mayors to join Mayors for A Guaranteed Income – Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney is a member calling for funding via debt-free public money as called for in the Greening the Dollar platform and the NEED Act – I have a letter from Howard Switzer (GPUS BMRC) to use as a template. Website: Mayors for A Guaranteed Income: mayors for agi.org

HRGP submitted our signatory for World Says No To War on Yemen. Still in need to contact Victoria Ronnau. Blaizen still needs to contact the local tribe for Rassawek’s statement. Tina is working on a sample letter to use in contacting local mayors to sign onto Mayors for A Guaranteed Income.

  1. Treasurer Report – Steffanie Aubuchon

$425.56 balance

  1.  IT – Blaizen Bloom Chair – Website Hosting

PayPal link should be up and running, some tests still need to be done to verify functionality.

  1. Education and Membership – Tina Rockett Chair –GPVA Brochure/postcard opportunity: HRGP Logo redesign interest – Blaizen (new postcards needed when events resume)

New person inquired about HRGP through the GPVA website, Tina contacted them. Need to get email sent out over the email list.

1) Youth Outreach – Chair: Blaizen

Potential future game nights (Among Us) where future local activities can be announced.

  1. Secretary (open)

Blaizen serving as acting Secretary

  1. Gov’t Watchdog Committee (open)

When reaching out to new members, probe interest in keeping out for local policy in each city.

  1. Media (open)

k)  GPVA Update – Tina, Co-Chair – GPVA Business Meeting 1/31/21 – elections for non-male Co-Chair (Tina Re-elected for 2yr term ending 1/31/23); Webmaster – Sid Smith (interim); Listserv Moderator (Jonah Thomas 1yr term); Treasurer – Kirit Mookerjee reelected; ARC- Blaizen elected, Kyle reelected; See attachment for All GPUS Committee appointees and openings https://www.dropbox.com/s/jrh6gc0d5aaq5fr/virginiamembersgpuscommitteesjan2021.pdf?dl=0 ; GPVA dues $36/yr or as able; update “profile reviewed” date annually – 5 Fully Participating Locals and others in process of qualifying. Funding has shown positive increase since dues adopted. Proposal to Endorse VA Defenders Day After Action demonstrations submitted to Business and LC Listservs for consensus discussions from 2/5 – 2/11.

Last GPVA meeting on 31st of January. Elections for Non-Male Cochair (Tina Reelected by consensus), Webmaster (Sid acting interim by consensus), Listserv Moderator (Jonah Thomas reelected by consensus), and Treasure (Kirit reelected by consensus). Blaizen elected, Kyle and Sid reelected to the Animal Rights Committee. Five fully participating locals for GPVA (Three active GPVA members). Proposal to endorse VA Defenders Day After Action up for consensus vote.

1) Blaizen – GPVA Press Secretary (elected 8/8/20)

No new updates since last meeting, seeking to highlight local Green Party’s over Instagram. Tina searching for most up-to-date information on H.R. 1 for GPVA press-release on negative impacts for GP/Third Parties.

l)  GPUS National Delegate/Media Committee Update – Credentials Committee Mission Statement/Committee Rules Amendment 

Working on credentials committee mission statement and committee rules with an amendment.

3) HRGP/GPVA Candidate Updates – We still need some! Blaizen: Update on future campaign and being VA-04 Youth Representative:

Have until June for Charlotte to make a decision on whether to run as Green. Blaizen planning to run for Chesapeake School Board in 2022, election date still up in the air. In the youth government, the president-elect rigged election, Youth Assembly voted to decertify November Elections. Currently no Constitution or President-elect, elections to be held in future with a more democratic process and improved Constitution voted on by the Youth Assembly before being ratified by youth voters.

4) Past Month Events/Endorsements/Sponsorships  

5) Upcoming Events? – Defenders Day After Action demonstrations TBD; UNAC Youth Against Empire No War on Iran 2/18 – 21

Potential twin action in Hampton Roads (Green Light Brigade). For UNAC Youth Against Empire No War on Iran GLB Protest at Townpoint Park; “NO WAR” and “PEACE” signs ready, just need “ON IRAN”.

6) Future Event Suggestions:

a) Virtual meet and greets – Blaizen has propose ‘Get to Know Your Local Greens’ Fri 2/19 6-7pm on FCC

Can be shared over social media and Facebook groups to encourage people to come learn about the Green Party.

b) Socially distanced GLB 

c) GLB request from HR MASK – tbd – #HRMASK #LongLiveShaq (10-20 brigadiers) 

d)  Move To Amend City Resolutions to overturn Citizens United – Blaizen (Chesapeake); Tina and Kyle (Norfolk); Other volunteers?

The House of Delegates passed legislation in support of MTA.

e) Puerto Rico video presentation: Colonization is Extinction online event – invite VACOLAO/HRCPP Others?

Potential GPVA account for Zoom that locals could use to host events; Tina asking. Potential fundraising effort for VACOLAO/Film Producers, invite film producers to screening.

7) General Discussions

The New Normal film about the World Economic Forum’s plan to shut down the global economy and bring it back different (Great Reset). Future action for mutual aid to assist most needy people who have been impacted by our broken system; work with Tidewater Food Not Bombs/Catholic Worker. Earth Day coming up on April 22nd, plan for what we want to do.

8) Peace/Anti-war Coalition – Hampton Roads Coalition for Peace and Planet

No action since pre-covid; Tina is still posting on FB Page.

9) Next Monthly Meeting: Sunday March (7,14, 21, or 28) @ 2-4pm (location TBD/FreeConferenceCall)

Next meeting will be on March 7th.