11-15-20 Minutes

Hampton Roads Green Party Agenda 11/15/20, 2-4pm

The Pagoda & Oriental Garden, Norfolk

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1) Procedural

  1. Establish Quorum
    • Quorum establish
  2. Assign Facilitator  
    • Tina assigned
  3. Assign Notetaker
    • Blaizen assigned
  4. Take Attendance/Introductions
    • Steffanie Aubuchon, Blaizen Bloom, Charlotte Rose, Kyle Rockett, Tina Rockett
  5. Approve Minutes of Last Meeting
    • Minutes approved

2) Officer/Committee Reports  

  1. Co-Chairs – Tina Rockett (acting) – New: Rural Caucus forming; Unaffiliated Eastern Greens and Socialists Facebook Page
    • GPUS Rural Caucus needs 100 members, bylaws to become an official caucus. Unaffiliated Eastern Greens and Socialists facebook is an unaffiliated group attempting to coalition Greens and Socialists in the Eastern United States.
  2. Treasurer Report – Steffanie Aubuchon
    • $425.56 in account after deducting Veer ad payment and money order fee, which Tina confirmed that Veer had received their payment.
  3.  IT – Blaizen Bloom Chair – Website Hosting
    • Meeting to be set-up soon to finalize set-up for HRGP website within the month.
  4. Education and Membership – Tina Rockett Chair –GPVA Brochure/postcard opportunity: HRGP Logo redesign interest – Blaizen (new postcards needed soon)
    • Postcard redesign and ordering delayed on account of lack of events to attend/table.

1) Youth Outreach – Chair: Blaizen

  1. Secretary
  2. Gov’t Watchdog Committee 
  3. Media 

k)  GPVA Update – Tina Co-Chair – Next GPVA Business Meeting, tentative date 1/17/21 – elections for non-male Co-Chair; Webmaster; Listserv Moderator; Treasurer; inquiries about starting Locals in Richmond, Manassas Park (Prince William County) and Washington County, VA (Facebook);Joe Bongiovanna – BMRC resignation, still active GPVA member; VA write-ins 19,759; GPVA dues $36/yr; update profile reviewed date annually

  • At the upcoming January GPVA Business Meeting, potential to meet the Sunday before MLK Jr. Day and have a Social Speaker present after the meeting. Elections of non-male co-chair, webmaster, listserv moderator and treasurer will occur at January Business Meeting. Potential for HRGP to present a motion for the GPVA to support the Monacan Indian Nation against a pump station and pipeline project at Point of Fork that jeopardizes the historic Monacan capital of Rassawek. Interest in forming locals in Richmond, Manassas Park and Washington County. Potential for Joe Bongiovanna to present to the GPVA about banking and monetary finance reform, as well as assistance in helping the GPVA draft model legislation that applies to Virginia. Tina has been in contact with Howie Hawkins about write-in votes in VA, in which the campaign responded with a statement by the State Board of Elections, “The localities are not required to provide a certification of write in candidates unless their write in total is at least 10% of all votes cast for the office. The State Board of Elections will meet to certify the results of the November 3, 2020 election on Monday, November 16, 2020.  Following the certification meeting we should receive information for all write in candidates that meet the requirement. In addition, election reports will be made available at no cost and can be found on the Department of Elections website (elections.virginia.gov).” Nationally, Howie is at about 0.2% of the popular vote, with many states still counting, although the states where Howie was on the ballot, Howie achieved 0.4% of the vote. Additionally, Tina has asked Howie about plans to obtain ballot images to count ballots and verify results.

1) Blaizen – GPVA Press Secretary (elected 8/8/20)

  • Created a GPVA Instagram. Currently working on Election Results Press-Release and Trans Awareness Press-Release.

l)  GPUS National Delegate/Media Committee Update 

  • Little is happening nationally on account of the election, though things should begin picking back up on January 1st when platform amendments are allowed for the next session.

3) HRGP/GPVA Candidate Updates – GPVA Independent candidate Kiesha Preston for Roanoke City Council 9953, 10.68%, 6th of 9 ; Blaizen: Update on being VA-04 Youth Representative-Elect: Potential Candidate: Charlotte Rose

  • Kiesha Preston ran a successful campaign as a first time candidate and proves the potential to be a strong future Green candidate, though her acceptance of certain pac money may have to be resolved beforehand. Charlotte Rose is considering a House of Delegates run as a Green in 2021, who ran as a Libertarian for House of Delegates back in 2019, garnering 1.09% of the vote (357 votes). Supports most of the policies in the GP platform, though may diverge from support from Brady Bill (needs to look into it) and supports Nuclear Energy (though discussions will be had about why she does and why the GP doesn’t in an attempt to come to a consensus). HRGP may help Charlotte financially in the beginning of the campaign getting lit, signs, etc. Charlotte is unaware of whether she’ll be living in Williamsburg or Norfolk, and therefore was unaware of what district she’ll be running to represent. If the HRGP comes to a consensus in supporting Charlotte, it is likely the GPVA will also agree to supporting and endorsing Charlotte as well. Charlotte supports a clean money campaign, only taking money from people, not non-human entities.

4) Previous Month Events/Endorsements/Sponsorships 

5) Upcoming Events  

6) Future Event Suggestions:

a) Virtual meet and greets (previously proposed by Blaizen) 

a) Socially distanced GLB? “Exercising” Freedom of Speech 

b) GLB request from HR MASK – tbd – #HRMASK #LongLiveShaq (10-20 brigadiers) 

c)  Move To Amend City Resolutions to overturn Citizens United – Blaizen (Chesapeake); Tina and Kyle (Norfolk); Other volunteers?

d) Puerto Rico video presentation: Colonization is Extinction online event – invite VACOLAO/HRCPP Others?

7) General Discussions

  • Charlotte mentioned a website that is keeping track of election results for all candidates (http://www.thegreenpapers.com/G20/President-Details.phtml?n=HAWKINS%2CHOWIEGRESHAM&fbclid=IwAR18pf9T0cW8olnPWznmM-a7PqobYk_K9xdyWtbpruArgDS_7PUifiD0jns).

8) Peace/Anti-war Coalition – Hampton Roads Coalition for Peace and Planet

9) Next Monthly Meeting: Sunday, Dec 6th or 13th Holiday Party? @ 2-4pm (location TBD/FreeConferenceCall?)

  • The next meeting will likely be on the 6th and possibly be the traditional holiday party.