The Hampton Roads Green Party (HRGP) is the local affiliate of the Green Party, a national political party dedicated to the fight for democracy, ecology, social justice and peace.

Locally, members of the HRGP are hard at work supporting our community whether it be supporting mutual aid efforts, organizing workers and their workplaces, or advocating against unsensible policies in local City Councils, School Boards, and Planning Commissions.

Listed below are some of our policies. If you support them, then you might be a great fit for the Green Party!

Local Issues

  • Including marginalized communities in local Decision-Making,
  • Implementing Rent Control and other measures to create Affordable Housing,
  • Curbing Luxury Home Developments in favor of affordable housing and preserving the natural ecosystem,
  • Expanding Public Transportation for Hampton Roads and increasing access to those who need it most,
  • Protecting & expanding local ecosystems to restore native biodiversity and limit flooding.

State/National Issues

  • Overturning Citizens United to remove corporate and special interests money from our government,
  • Creating a Real, Demilitarized Green New Deal,
  • Implementing a Single-Payer, Medicare for All Healthcare System,
  • Paying Reparations to African-American communities and others long due it,
  • Forgiving Student Loans and making Higher Education Tuition-Free,
  • Raising the minimum wage to a Living Wage,
  • Ending the Endless Wars and abolishing the Military-Industrial Complex.

If you’re interested in joining our party or finding other ways to get involved and support Green politics in the region, look no further than below to find information for our upcoming meeting, how to donate to our party, and what it takes to be a member!


Donate once or recurringly through PayPal.
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Upcoming Meetings

2nd Sunday of Every Month
Virtual (Over Zoom)

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  • Register on the GPVA website,
  • Serve on one committee,
  • Be 14 or older (Voting),
  • Live within an hour drive of Norfolk (Voting),
  • Don’t miss 3 consecutive meetings a year (Voting).

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